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If It Doesn't Feel Right, Don't!

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How much energy do you spend doing things that don’t feel good? What about things that just don’t feel right? How much of your precious life force is being expended fighting against things or pushing yourself to do something?

Give yourself a break! If something sucks the life out of you, it IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!

Do you absolutely HAVE to do this thing?  Is there someone else that could do it? What would happen if it didn’t get done now? Or ever?  What would happen? Would the world come to an end? Can you ask someone to help? Is there someone else who would be much better suited for this?

It’s okay NOT to do something. It’s okay NOT to like something. And it’s better than okay to honor that voice inside you that keeps saying: “I don’t like this”.  When are you going to start to listen to that voice? What will it take? How long will you continue to do things that suck your life force? There is almost always another way of acomplishing what needs to be done.

Identify all the things in your life that drain you or that you really don’t like or that feel off or just not right.  Make a list, then start brainstorming about ways to take those items OFF your list of responsibility.  It is possible, it will take some creativity, some compromise perhaps, but it’s up to you.  This life is yours and you are in charge of your actions, your feelings, your behaviors and your own happiness, no one else, YOU!

Did you find this information helpful? If you did, consider donating.

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